Fundraising takes time

Short-term solutions rarely yield long-term impact. Fundraising for impact takes time and planning. Building a culture of philanthropy depends on giving time to articulate both the case for support and the opportunity for impact. By developing those long-term solutions, you'll be implementing something that doesn't just produce results for today but will do so for generations.


Philanthropy requires relationship

Nonprofit organizations are a collection of individuals. We are bound together toward a common goal, selfless action for the greater good. Relationships are so critical to positively impacting our community. We build relationships to understand the need. We build relationships to bring honor to those served. We build relationships to align donor passion with organizational mission. We build relationships to tell the story and expand the circle.


It's about the greater good

We serve the greater good by bringing together individuals that are committed to engaging their hearts, heads, and hands for lifelong philanthropy. This focus on "service above self" helps strengthen the fabric of our community and enrich the lives of those that invest their time, talent, and treasure.

How can we help?

GivingThree® is focused on placing emphasis on relational fundraising that engages the full range of donor interests to advance organizational mission for maximum impact.

Our “learning lab” model encourages clients to find ongoing growth in their knowledge and understanding. We promote comprehension of current fundraising theory and practice but encourage innovation.

We teach best practices to underscore the ideal. However, we train and encourage based on the current reality of organizational staff and available resources.

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What we offer

GivingThree® helps nonprofit leaders create a more inspired and collaborative culture—which, magnetically attracts and converts donors into passionate advocates who swear their hearts, minds, and resources to multiply impact. Together, we help you strengthen and innovate your mission through ongoing growth in knowledge, understanding, and practice.

With wide-ranging experience in nonprofit fundraising, data and technology, strategic planning, marketing, staff and leadership development, and organizational innovation, GivingThree provides support for charitable organizations seeking to establish a sustainable culture.

Teaching & training
Leadership development
Strategic planning
Outsourced support

Ben is not just a great fundraiser, he is an exceptional recruiter, teacher and leader. In a setting with limited resources, he did everything he could to ensure our team had the tools and industry opportunities to grow. When others prioritize the status quo, Ben creates paths for innovation and development. Through encouragement, compassion, and peer support he is creating a better generation of fundraisers.

Shay H.

About GivingThree

GivingThree® is a consulting firm for the nonprofit sector—initially formed in 2008 to explore all dimensions of philanthropy and promote a more sustainable view of the fundraising profession.

GivingThree consulting services include the mindful consideration for the interconnection between gifts of “time, talent, and treasure” –or– “work, wisdom, and wealth.” It’s not uncommon for fundraising professionals to focus most of their attention on the “treasure” or “wealth” aspect of philanthropy, meanwhile “time and talent” or “work and wisdom” take a backseat. Philanthropy is a multifaceted and deeply personal act. We work with you to understand and develop approaches that take this into consideration.

GivingThree is led by Ben Mohler. He makes his home in Kentucky’s bluegrass region with his wife, Christina and their four children. His personal interests include spending quality time with family, painting, printmaking, and music.